Made In China (2019 film) download

Made In China (2019 film) download
Made In ChinaDrama Release Date : 25 Oct 2019 Cast :Rajkummar RaoMouni Roy Director :Mikhil Musale Made In China Story Made In China is a 2019 Bollywood drama, helmed by Mikhil Musale. The movie star Rajkummar Rao in the lead role. The film revolves around Rajkummar Rao (Raghu), who would go to any heights to become a successful businessman. The film might take an emotional turn when he becomes a prominent businessman. Rajkummar Roa is being sent to China, where finds a businessman, who motivates him to sell a product and Rajkummar collaborates with a sexologist in India to widen his market. It appears that the product is a huge hit and the sexologist can be seen prescribing the product to almost all his patients.

The movie is shot across Ahmedabad and China.

Laal Kaptaan download movie and reviews

Laal Kaptaan
Might we just mention that Saif Ali Khan is killing it? It is the Bollywood biggie's time to shine on the small screen with Netflix's Sacred Games and its also the time for Hindi Cinema to be reminded that he's still quite the Nawab on the big screens. The actor is all geared up to star in upcoming film Laal Kaptaan and the first look for his character just dropped. We already knew that Saif Ali Khan is taking up a rather menacing avatar but we had no idea it's going to be this intense. The teaser features him as a Naga Sadhu smearing ash on his forehead. And the look in his eyes is absolutely spine-chilling. His character mouths "Har Ram ka apna Raavan, har Raavan ka apna Dussehra" in an ominous voice. The 0:49 minute long clip is enough to collectively send us squealing with glee and fear. Fans of the actor will love what they see on this all new look. And it's just a teaser. We can only imagine what a full trailer might do for desi netizen…

bharat movie download in hindi

Bharat is an upcoming Hindi movie scheduled to be released on 5 Jun, 2019. The movie is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and will feature Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani and sunil grover as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Bharat are Tabu, Jackie Shroff, Sonali Kulkarni and Nora Fatehi.


THYRISTOR Introduction Ample pioneering work on theory and fabrication of the power-switching device, which later came to be known as a thyristor (because its characteristics are similar to those of the gas-tube thyratron), was done at the Bell Laboratories in the U.S.A. The first prototype was introduced by the General Electric Company (USA) in 1957. Since then, many improvements have been made, both in the technique of its fabrication and in adapting it to numerous industrial applications. With the development of a number of other devices of similar type and characteristic, the whole family of such power-switching devices has come to be known as "thyristors". Since, the basic semiconductor material used for the device is silicon, it is also designated ao a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). The term SCR is often used for the oldest member of the thyristor family which is the most widely used power-switching device.
         The rating of SCR has been very much improved s…


ThyratronThyratrons are fast acting high voltage switches suitable for a variety of applications including radar, laser and scientific use. Perkin Elmer’s thyratrons are constructed of ceramic and metal for strength and long life. Over 300 thyratron types are available from Perkin Elmer. The types listed in this guide are a cross section of the broad line available. We encourage inquiries for thyratrons to suit your particular application. construction :
A thyratron (a hot - cathode gas field triode) consists of the following components :
1. plate : It is a disc of graphite.  2. Grid : It is a cylinder having diaphragm with one or more holes in it. The grid separates the cathode and the plate.  3. Cathode : A special construction oxide coated cathode is used so that its surface is not damaged due to bombardment of positively charged particles.                                                    Normally, a thyratron is filled with a small amount of inert gas such as argon, hydrogen, neon…

Gunn diode| gunn diode oscillator| gunn diode working|

Gunn diode This symbol bi-directional but actually this is not bi-directional device.
The Gunn diode is also known asTransferred Electronic Device (TED)because it is composed of N-region, and N-region semiconductor has electrons as a majority carrier, and the Transferred Electronic Devices (TEDs) uses such materials which have electrons in the majority.

Basic information Gunn diodeIt is working on gunn effectIt is not based on P-N junction.It is only based on N-layer.This diode Negative resistance Characteristics.N+ layer highly dopped.It is made GaAs(Gallium arsenide).It is used Microwave applications.Gunn diode Oscillator Gunn diodes are used to build oscillators for generating microwaves with frequencies ranging from 10 GHz to THz. It is a Negative Differential Resistance device – also called as transferred electron device oscillator – which is a tuned circuit consisting of Gunn diode with DC bias voltage applied to it. And, this is termed as biasing the diode into negative resistanc…

what is an auto transfromer in hindi | advantages and disadvantages |

Auto transformer इस प्रकार के transfomer मे केवल  एक ही winding का प्रयोग किया जाता है |  जो  primary और secondary winding दोनों का कार्य करती है | इस प्रकार का transformer होने के कारण लोहे और ताँबे की बचत की जाती है | auto transformer मे conductor का अनुप्रस्थ काट , उसमे प्रवाहित current के समानुपाती होता है | अतः एक winding मे conductor की लम्बाई वर्तनो ( turns ) की संख्या के गुणनफल के समानुपाती है |

Auto transformer के अनुप्रयोग motor के स्टार्टर के रूप मे 3 फेज system को सन्तुलित रखने मे baster के रूप मे  Auto transformer के लाभauto transformer , copper losses की बचत के लिए प्रयोग किये जाते है | यह regulation transformation के रूप मे उपयोगी है | इन्हे कभी भी booster की भाँति प्रयोग मे लाया जाता है | ताकि A.C feeder की voltage increase की जा सके | auto transformer की high efficiency होती है | इन्हे induction motor को चलने मे auto transformer starter के रूप मे प्रयोग किया जाता है | Auto transformer की हानि इसकी winding जल्द ही ख़राब हो जाती है | अर्थात इनकी उम्र ज्यादा नहीं होती है…