Satellite communications objective type questions


satellite communication

1.GEO-stationary satellite are placed in equatorial orbits at a height of approximately?
ANS- 36000 km

2. Before transmitting to the satellite the wide band satellite signal is amplified by
ANS- effective isotropically radiated            power

3.the number of satellite needed for global communication is-
ANS - 3

4.The telephone channel is a communication satellite are assembled in -

5. The noise temperature of sky is the about-
ANS- 30 k

6. ....... IS India's first three - axis stabilised GEO stationary communication satellite.
ANS - Apple

7. From which of the following places india's first domestic geo stationary satellite INSAT-1A was launched ( on 10.4.1982)?
ANS- kourou in French Guyana

8. Long distance communication system via satellites use frequency in the range
ANS- 3- 6 GHz

9.The center of gravity of the earth is called
ANS- geo- center

10.The typical bandwidth of a satellite band is
ANS- 500 MHz

11. The point on the earth directly below a satellite is called the
ANS- sub- satellite point

12. As the height of a satellite orbit gets lower, the speed of the satellite
ANS- increases

13. The signal path from a satellite to a ground station is called the ......
ANS- down link

14.The number of days when earth's shadow falls on a geo synchronous satellite is
ANS- 88

15. The whole universe can be covered with a number of satellite equal to
ANS- 3

16. communication satellite are in variably
ANS- GEO stationary

17.for direct reception of TV signal from a communication satellite, the type of antenna required is .......
ANS- chicken -mesh

18. The most common use of the satellite is  in
ANS- communication

19. The type of modulation used on voice and video signal is

20. Linear velocity of a satellite in a circuit orbit is :
ANS-  independent of its mass


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