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Gunn diode

This symbol bi-directional but actually this is not bi-directional device.

The Gunn diode is also known as Transferred Electronic Device (TED) because it is composed of N-region, and N-region semiconductor has electrons as a majority carrier, and the Transferred Electronic Devices (TEDs) uses such materials which have electrons in the majority.

Basic information Gunn diode

  • It is working on gunn effect
  • It is not based on P-N junction.
  • It is only based on N-layer.
  • This diode Negative resistance Characteristics.
  • N+ layer highly dopped.
  • It is made GaAs(Gallium arsenide).
  • It is used Microwave applications.

Gunn diode Oscillator

Gunn diodes are used to build oscillators for generating microwaves with frequencies ranging from 10 GHz to THz. It is a Negative Differential Resistance device – also called as transferred electron device oscillator – which is a tuned circuit consisting of Gunn diode with DC bias voltage applied to it. And, this is termed as biasing the diode into negative resistance region.
Due to this, the total differential resistance of the circuit becomes zero as the negative resistance of the diode cancels with the positive resistance of the circuit resulting in the generation of oscillations.


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