what is the thermistors , themistors use and applications |


Thermistors baiscally Semi-conductor device. These transducer are thermally sensitive variable resistors made of certain conducting and ceramic- like semiconducting materials. They are used as temperature detecting elements and sense temperature detecting elements and sense temperature for the purpose of measurement and control.

   Thermistors  are essentially semiconductors which behave as resistors with a high negative temperature co-efficient of resistance. The high sensitivity to temperature changes make the thermistors extremely useful for precision temperature (-60 C to + 15 C ) measurements , control and compensation. Their resistance ranges from 0.5 ohm to 0.74 M ohm.

                          Thermistors are composed of sintered mixtures of metallic oxides such as manganese, nickle, cobalt, copper, iron and uranium.

          fig. shows the commercial forms of thermistors.


  • precision temperature measurement.
  • temperature control.


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